Sponsor Us

Central Valley Mini Stocks (CVMS) is searching for businesses to sponsor our 2018 racing season. CVMS has eight races scheduled for 2018. Seven races will be held at Lemoore Raceway and one will be held at Keller Auto Speedway located in Hanford. Additionally, a new class of cars, the Sportsmen 600 Micro Sprints of California, will add to the  CVMS excitement at Lemoore Raceway. This new class will race at all Lemoore CVMS shows.

The 2018 CVMS season will be well attended by fans who support the 20+ racers who participate in both these leagues. Sponsoring CVMS this season supports grassroots racing and is an awesome way to advertise! This year we are offering three sponsorship levels.

Contact us for more information and check out the sponsorship levels below.


$6,000 - As a platinum sponsor, you will be represented as our series sponsor. Our platinum level sponsor will be given season-long naming rights to the CVMS series (8 races from April -October). Logo stickers provided by you will be on every car racing in the class in the location of the sponsor's choice. Our platinum sponsor will be promoted on Social Media, on the CVMS web page, at car shows, and are eligible for sign placement at Lemoore Raceway.

Social Media: CVMS aggressively uses social media to promote the series including the latest CVMS news and to advertise upcoming CVMS events. We reach an average about 1450 viewers monthly. All race days will be promoted using our platinum sponsor name. Live streams of a select group of CVMS races will be aired online and via social media. During live streams, four 10 second sponsor breaks will be provided.

Web Page: Our platinum sponsor will be featured on the CVMS homepage. Our site has top search engine placement and averages 4000 views monthly.

Car Shows: CVMS participates in local car shows to advertise our series and its sponsors. Flyers with the CVMS race schedule incorporating the series  sponsor logos will be handed out during the shows. These flyers will drive views to the CVMS website.

Sign Placement. Sign placement at Lemoore Raceway is available outside the race track on selected locations facing freeway 41.


$500 - As a gold sponsor, you will sponsor an individual race. Each CVMS race is eligible for a gold sponsorship sponsor. 8 Gold Sponsorship opportunities are available, 1 sponsor per race.

The 8 Race schedule dates are:

Race #1 April 22 -Sunday @ Lemoore

Race #2 May 6 -Sunday @ Lemoore

Race #3 June 9 -Saturday @ Hanford

Race #4 June 10-Sunday @ Lemoore

Race #5 July 2-Saturday @ Lemoore

Race #6 Aug 12-Sunday @ Lemoore Raceway

Race #7 September 9 -Sunday @ Lemoore

Race #8 October 14th-Sunday @ Lemoore

Each race is available for purchase.

Gold sponsors will receive race promotions via Social Media and the CVMS Web Page. Additionally, sign placement visible from the stands and in the pit area at Lemoore Raceway will be available to gold sponsors.

Signs will remain up for 1-month corresponding to the race sponsored.


As a silver sponsor, you will receive sign placement visible from the stands and in the pit area at Lemoore Raceway. Silver Sponsorship is available for each race.

A Silver sponsorship is good for 1 month. Silver sponsors can choose the month they want. Signs will remain up for 1 month during the 7 month race season.

Silver Sponsorship is available for $250 per month, or $1500 for 7 months.